Making people feel special is what it is all about.

The best sound in the world is someone addressing you by your name


A glass of champagne in a crystal flute is pressed into your hand, it is cold to the touch, the bubbles floating up the glass with a sparkle until they reach the top and burst. Then your first sip. It awakens your senses and it one fleeting moment you are transformed, you are SPECIAL and this is just the beginning. It taken 2 minutes from entering the room, the first chapter of a hospitality experience one that will take you to new levels of luxury, elegance, information, cordiality and warmth.

Not many companies know how to put hospitality together but ART WANSON GROUP (AWG) are the masters, people that will leave you with everlasting memories of luxury and excellence.

They always say you remember the very small things long after the actual event, it’s in the details and AWG are experts in those details.

AWG take great care in the selection of the hospitality events they are bespoke, custom made for their elite clientele, falling into the following areas,

Special art selected to suit your lifestyle or to be displayed within hotels residences, museums and private spaces.

Lectures and discussions on art history the artists and their paintings.

Bespoke exhibitions and packages custom made and selected for hotels, museums, corporations and private parties or receptions.

Magnificent dinners prepared by master chefs with speakers from the world of art appreciation, architecture and the world of Luxury.

Custom made events or excursions to places in art history with masters of the arts.  Total adventures into immerse one into the sights, smells, and colors and light that captured and influenced artists over the centuries.

Custom made excursions to cities and towns, places in art history with masters of architecture.  A total adventure into the culture and anatomy of architecture in an around the Mediterranean.

Totally luxury experiences custom made your each group or individuals requirements.

Or allow us to create a one of a kind event that will expose you to a new world of Luxury.

Immerse oneself in the wines of Spain and Europe.  Visits, lectures and wine tastings to some of the finest vineyards and Chateaus of Europe, with some of the top sommeliers and experts to enhance the experience.

Exquisite food created and presented by master chefs and served with selected wines from some of the finest chateaus and vineyards of Europe.

A complete, exclusive five star dining experience within magnificent surroundings and settings.

Become part of one of the premier events within the classic car concourse d elegance world  . A luxurious experience surround by the stars of the automobile circuit and some of the heroes who drove them.

Race days at one of Europe’s longest racetracks. See race teams in action; drive one of a kind Ferrari or a formula one-race car all within a totally private and magnificent setting within the hills and mountains of Andalusia. An exquisite experience with fine dinning and

Luxury accommodation.


These are just a few of the categories that our hospitality titles fall under

Each event is then carefully crafted to your individual needs and requirements.

A totality bespoke experience one that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime

Please contact us to take your first steps to a new dimension of hospitality and luxury.